Precision Nutrition Coaching...

... also know as PN Coaching is an online nutrition coaching program designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. On average you only lose 6 lbs a year with exercise alone.

PN coaching works because its focus isn’t on what you can’t eat. Its focus is on the fundamentals.

  • Testing whether particular choices are appropriate for a given goal

  • Creating informed hypotheses about what to do next, then testing those hypotheses

  • Using evidence and experience to guide decision-making

  • Monitoring progress and adjusting behaviors as needed

  • Building consistency and repeatable systems for making good choices

  • Helping bodies function and perform their best Approaching change holistically; looking at all sides of a problem

Mastering the fundamentals and doing them consistently is enough for optimal fitness, healthy, body composition, performance and life balance.

You don’t need complexity. You need help with practicing the absolute basics of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.



Many of our clients will have knowledge, ambitious goals, and a certain level of skill… but don’t follow through consistently enough to get the results they want.  Consistency is the most important metric to help you succeed.

The coaching curriculum is practice-based. You get to practice eating better. We give you information to help you understand why you’re doing this. We encourage you to experiment, explore & try new things. See what works. Get real-time feedback. Practice. Only action can create change and nothing beats seeing and feeling yourself improve.

You aren’t lacking information needed to make good choices. You’re missing the skills & behavior patterns. For instance you might not have skills or habits to support:  

  • grocery shopping

  • planning meals

  • preparing food

  • managing your time

  • managing your stress etc.


Telling you to “eat healthy” won’t help, nor will giving you a handout about fruits and vegetables. It takes behavior change and the ability to practice these skills within a structured program. Every time you practice, you get better and it builds the belief that change is possible.

I help you build the habit of taking responsibility for yourself — your thoughts, your beliefs, your story, your environment, and most importantly, your behavior. (No more coach-blaming or “This diet/workout plan didn’t work for me!”)


I ask you to practice writing your Owner’s Manual, or “handling instructions for your body”. (No more “one-size-fits all” programs.)


We ask you to observe yourself, test hypotheses gather data, and draw conclusions, just like scientists. (No more blindly “just following the rules”.)


We teach you how to do this, and what to look for. (No more “I don’t know what happened.”)


Through practicing skills and gathering data, it empowers you to make informed decisions about your own nutritional needs, wants, and priorities.


The PN Coaching system is a great opportunity to help you achieve your health goals once and for all.  A program designed to help sustain your goals.  


Dr. Brian Mather owner of Spokane Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic and The Academy Of Sports Performance is launching this year long program and is inviting you to join.  He will be coaching you throughout this yearlong journey.  As a service to our patients at Spokane Chiropractic, your cost to participate in the Precision Nutrition online coaching program is $25 per month.  If you are a client of The Academy Of Sports Performance, you can add this program to your existing membership for an additional $10 per month.


If you are interested please call Dr. Mather at 509-710-0686 or email him at  




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