"Perfection isn't necessary. Consistency is." 

Many of our clients have knowledge, ambitious goals, and a certain level of skill... but they all have one thing in common. They don’t follow through consistently enough to achieve their desired results.

Consistency is the most important metric to help you succeed. The coaching curriculum is practice-based. PN offers information to help you understand the “why’s”. It encourages you to experiment, explore and try new things. See what works. Get real-time feedback. Practice.

Only action can create change and nothing beats experiencing improvement.

Knowing how to “eat healthy” won’t help, nor will a handout about the importance of fruits and veggies, make you eat fruits and veggies. It takes behavior change and the ability to practice these skills within a structured program. Every time you practice, you get better and it builds the belief that change is possible

You'll learn skills and habits to support several behaviors:

Grocery shopping

Planning meals

Preparing food

Managing your time

Managing your stress



These habits build accountability and help you take responsibility for yourself: your thoughts, your beliefs, your story, your environment, and most importantly, your behavior.

No more coach-blaming or “This diet/workout plan didn’t work for me!”


You’ll develop your own "Owner’s Manual", or “handling instructions for your body”.

No more “one-size-fits all” programs.


You’ll observe yourself, test hypotheses, gather data, and draw conclusions, just like scientists.

No more blindly “just following the rules”.

You'll learn what to look for.

No more “I don’t know what happened.”


When you practice your skills and gather the data, it empowers you to make informed decisions about your own nutritional needs, wants, and priorities.

PN Coaching is an opportunity to help you achieve your health goals once and for all. A program designed to help sustain your goals.